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Creative Thinking | Leadership | Action Learning
Active Listening | Strategic Planning | Facilitation


Co-Creatives – a bespoke response to professional / business issues, opportunities and challenges.


We work with a dynamic range of individuals and organisations on themes including Leadership, Resilience, Diversity, Professional and Workforce Development.


Our approach is to walk alongside – as Consultant, Coach, Critical Friend or ‘Third Eye’ developing a shared and informed understanding to co-create effective solutions to today’s knotty questions and challenges.


Hilary S Carty MBA CCMI is now Director, Clore Leadership Programme.


Prior to this Hilary worked internationally as a consultant (NTL UK), facilitator, coach (CIPD) and speaker, with significant experience in leadership, strategic management and organisational development.


With a distinguished career over 25 years as a cultural leader, Hilary has spearheaded a range of successful initiatives with some of the UK’s most prominent arts and cultural organisations and now draws on that creative experience to successfully impact a range of sectors and organisations.


‘Exceptional’ – ‘Brilliant’ – ‘Insightful’ – ‘Profound’ – ‘Resourceful’ – ‘Special’…


Co-Creatives brings experience, deep listening and inspired probing to explore the issues and challenges faced by today’s leaders and organisations.


At the heart of Co-Creatives, is the desire to evolve fresh perspectives and meaningful insights for people and organisations. Success means dynamic professional and business solutions for long-term impact and resilience.