Success brings dynamic professional and business solutions for long-term impact and resilience – valued and tangible outcomes for partners and clients. Here’s what people say…

Facilitator, Strategic Development Day, NATIONAL CENTRES for ADVANCED TRAINING

``Thank you so much for such a brilliant session this afternoon. I believe that we achieved so much, and more than I could have expected. I know we are now in a better position to tackle the challenges, issue and events ahead of us.`` Anthony Baker, Chair Dance CAT

Leadership Training, The Centre, London

“Really good course – a trainer who was expert, open and very friendly and useful, no bullsh*t ideas.” / “Lovely style and atmosphere created, and I really learnt a lot!” / “Hilary is an excellent communicator who had a lovely speaking voice, a great orator, and engaged you fully in the course”

Associate, CULTURAL INSTITUTE, King's College London

``Hilary has an exceptional ability to bring clarity and pragmatism to bear on complex ideas and propositions. She has a confidence and a tough-minded optimism that is infectious, combined with a ‘can-do’ approach, which results in getting things done. A terrific role-model for students and staff alike.`` Katherine Bond, Director of Innovation

Critical Analysis - DRAKE MUSIC

``Thank you so very much for this sterling piece of work. It has really allowed a fresh perspective and approach to our thinking and planning and I have no doubt that it will have a great deal of impact on the way the executive shape the organisation going forward.`` Delia Barker, Business Development Associate

Facilitation Skills Training, Cumbria

“I wanted to reiterate my thanks for such a fantastic day on facilitation skills. I feel I got an enormous amount from it and thank you for your openness and honesty in sharing your own experiences. I really look forward to applying the learning.” JG

Values Workshop, Utrecht

“Thank you for your inspiring and empowering lecture and workshop. You are an example for all women, young and old, working in the field of arts and culture or beyond..” JS-A

Creating and delivering Board and team development packages for SEREN GROUP

``Seren Group has worked with Hilary on a number of occasions to facilitate Board Development sessions. Each session has been really successful and enjoyable. Hilary created an environment where the Boards could reflect on their performance and plans in an open and honest way. Board members and executives working together to identify opportunities to build on the strength of our Governance. I have no doubt that the work Hilary did with us will have lasting value to Seren Group.`` Amanda Davies, Group Chief Executive

Arts & Cultural Strategy, LONDON BOROUGH of EALING

“It was important to get the right level of professional expertise to support the development of Ealing’s Arts and Cultural Strategy. Hilary Carty offered just the right approach – diligent research, smart consultation, creative ideas and focused delivery. The Strategy has been well received and our stakeholders fully engaged and involved in the process. I am pleased that, as a borough, we now have a strategy that enables us to champion the value of the arts more widely and reposition culture as a catalyst for regeneration and transformation.” Carole Stewart Assistant Director Arts Heritage and Libraries, Ealing Council

Coach, Leadership3Sixty

``In times of growth and change, although you can see the desired outcomes, it's so easy to become overwhelmed with possibilities. Working with Hilary enabled me to acknowledge & embrace the progress already made and to clear a path for the next stage of the journey. Hilary uses a powerful blend of intuition and expertise combined with a light touch, which means that she has a knack for asking the critical questions that help facilitate a discussion, that I would only realise was a game changer afterwards… Her ability to help you reframe your ideas into potentialities is second to none.” Denise Rabor, Founder Leadership3Sixty

Organisational development - NEW ART EXCHANGE, Nottingham

``Thank you for the profound impact of your work and commitment. The considered and strategic nature of the development support and approach adopted by the team has been precisely what the organisation need, not only to embed development but also take genuine ownership of the process.`` Sukhy Johal MBE, Vice Chair, NAE


``I approached Hilary after seeing her impressive facilitation skills in action. My coaching sessions were instrumental in giving me the focus I needed to establish my goals and affirm my motivation to achieve them. She provided me with a safe space to think outside of the box whilst acting as a trusted sounding board for my ideas and aspirations. I would recommend Hilary without hesitation.” Yasmin Khan FRSA, Clore Fellow

Board & Staff Away Day, THEATRE HULLABALOO, Dartington

``I've spoken to most of the board and staff since the Away Day and, without exception, they have all been hugely motivated by the day you led so expertly. I think we all benefitted from a gentle balance of some exciting strategic discussion and some very practical actions to take forward. Thank you. Miranda Thain Creative Producer, Theatre Hullabaloo

Transformers - Radical Change in Museums, Museums Association

``I was hugely impressed with the programme you had so thoughtfully devised and delivered so brilliantly. Talking with participants over the day, it was very clear how engaged, challenged and inspired they were.`` Richard Sandell, Museums Association


``Insightful, supportive and completely attuned to the needs of the project team and participants. In the run up to the event Hilary helped me focus on what I wanted to deliver, and on the day she helped us achieve that. Hilary set a tone that encouraged people to be inclusive, creative and collaborative. She does all this in an apparently effortless way and it is always great fun and a real privilege to work with Hilary.`` Ruth Shaw, Founder of TEDxWhitehallWomen

Cultural Space Programme, Cultural Institute, King's College London

Thank you so much for organising and leading such a terrific afternoon on Wednesday. I don’t think the format of the session could have been better and it was clear that it really stimulated and excited every one who took part. You led the event and created a safe space brilliantly, as ever! Katherine Bond, Director, Cultural Institute

Coaching Support: ACCELERATE, British Council Australia

“Your insights and guidance have been immensely transformative Hilary. I've really gained a lot from your attitude, knowledge and approach!” Jacob Boehme, Creative Director & Producer

Keynote, Culture Invest, Berlin

``Thank you again for your really inspiring presentation at Culture Invest Congress. For us and our audience it complemented the other presentations about staff and leadership in German cultural institutions perfectly. ” Dirk Schütz, KM Kulturmanagement Network GmbH

Leadership Training, The Centre, London

“Hilary was fantastic. She created a warm and safe space in which we could discuss our experiences. The course exceeded my expectations!” / “Hilary was open, approachable and very skilled” / “I liked Hilary’s teaching style which ensured we got full participation”