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“Leadership Development”


Clore Leadership Programme, London / TBR

An independent scoping survey to map and analyse the current leadership development provision and needs within the cultural sector in England.



Scoping Leadership Exec Summary

“Arts & Cultural Strategy”


London Borough of Ealing

Research, define & propose the key priorities for the Arts & Cultural Strategy enabling Ealing to value the arts more widely & reposition culture as a catalyst for regeneration & transformation.



Arts and Cultural Strategy

“Democratising Cultural Institutions”


in Exporting Culture, Germany

We need to engage with the communities on our doorsteps; have a dialogue with people we don’t know; explore opinions that we don’t appear to like, or yet understand.   We need to re-establish ‘community’…


Exporting Culture

“Women & Leadership”


Arts Professional, London

The old macho leadership models no longer work for women in leadership roles – nor do they work for men! So… why not break the mould rather than tinker at the margins? 


Leading Women

“Re-thinking Leadership”


ENCATC: European Cultural Management & Policy

Some leadership competences, as Educators, we can certainly teach.  But authenticity – that, the individual needs to find for themselves. It lies at the heart of their professional development…


Re-Thinking Leadership in the Cutural & Creative Industries

“Creating & Designing Events”


in The Business of Events Management, Pearson

The process of creating and designing an event sees an iterative journey from initial thoughts or a commissioning brief through to a fully developed event concept.   The process is not linear…


The Business of Events Management